Urban Arrow Shorty Performance 500Wh

The Shorty is the lightest Urban Arrow out there. Don't let its weight fool you though because it packs quite a nice punch. It's fast, agile and can carry a lot more than you think, which is why we call it a compact giant.

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Award Winning

After a comprehensive design and development phase we felt it was time to enter the Shorty into competition. We believed the compact giant was ready for the task at hand. According to the jury the Shorty performs outstanding in the categories Functionality, Workmanship and Added Value. The jury states: "The perfect cargo bike for delivery services, with the insulated box being suitable for both hot and cold dishes."

Versatility on wheels

The Shorty's box is flexible in use: you can easily bring your child or dog on a trip through the city - or on a quick escape out of town. The accessory range for this bike is growing steadily. Add the lockable hood and transform it into the ultimate courier bike. If that's not versatile, please show us what is.

Urban multitasker

This compact cargo bike is perfect bike for the urban multitasker, with places to go, things to do and stuff to take. If your days are filled with meetings, gym sessions and the odd coffee here and there, then the Shorty certainly has your back.

What makes an Urban Arrow

Nimble & Clean

The Shorty has the agility and speed of a scooter, minus the fumes and noise.

Bike Lane SUV

Roughly the same length as a regular bike the Shorty's load capacity will surprise you. It really is the Short Utility Vehicle of the bike lane.


Take your pick from a Bosch Active Plus, Performance or Cargo Line motor with a 400Wh or 500Wh battery for miles of smiles.