Les entretiens

Service of bicycles 

Tous nos vélos sont vendus avec le premier entretien gratuit*, entre 400km et 600km ou un mois de rodage.

All our bikes have the first service included free of charge (between 250km and 500km) or a month of use.

We also provide after sales service on all bicyclesr sold in our shop. Our team is regularly trained in using new technology and new materials in order to provide you with the best quality services. The team is certified in servicing Bosch eBikes and has a long experience with high level components such as internal gear hub and disc brakes, as well as with specific parts for Cargo bikes.

We take care of all the works needed on your bike, may it be the basic fixing of the ... or lubrication of components, ...(réglages et serrages indispensables ou les changement de pièces : réglages, lubrification de pièces, nouvelle tranmission,..)

Our polyglote and highly comptetent team welcomes you in our professional workshop upon appointment. Please do not hestitate to contact us for an appointment by using the form available on the left or by telephone (idem).

Priority is given to repairing bikes sold in our shop, however we do repair other bikes from the brands that we sell as well and we always strive to offer you the best and most adapted solution for your needs as well as to each specific situation. We work in collaboration with other workshops and mobile repair services.

En cas de réparation prolongée, nous vous proposons un vélo de remplacement pour la modique somme de 10€ par jour.